Everybody follows his own road to his house. Someone reaches destination very quickly, in other cases it takes time, numerous stops and temporary solutions. The road to the House of your Dream is filled with many obstacles, and some of us feel like quitting the race in midstream. Being overburdened with public and business load, humans are sometimes incapable of dealing with enormous number of architectural, planning and technical issues requiring a certain extent of penetration into the problem.

Construction of your dream on a turn-key basis – that’s how we call the process – is the role Desino plays, the role of a producer. To build a modern house of quality one needs an architect, an interior designer, a constructor, all sorts of engineers and consultants, a landscape designer, specialists in lighting, kitchen, safety, smart houses, home cinema systems etc.

Desino takes upon itself to implement the customer’s plans without burdening him with minor details, at the same time leaving him with the important satisfaction of creating a house of his own invention, but brought to perfection by profile specialists. “Creativity” and “cooperation” are the exact words to describe our philosophy: our knowledge is strong enough, but we are deeply convinced: our client has a better understanding of what kind of a house he really wants. And we are very well aware of how to turn the image into practice without turning the client’s life into a construction site.

Dmitry Vorobyev
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