Any project consists of three obvious stages. The first stage is almost totally dependent on the client. He describes the object of his dream. Our role at this stage is rather of consultant nature. The second stage relates to design, which in its turn implies quest for optimal design solutions, individual architectural image and selection of engineering systems. The third stage provides for implementation of the idea, the construction itself, finishing, furnishing and decoration. Sequence breaking – jumping to the next stage without completing the previous one – is equal to building a house from the roof or planting a tree with its roots up. Construction success depends a lot on proper goal-setting and on competent technical specification.

Each Desino project starts with filling a questionnaire by our client. Such a format helps you to categorize needs and wishes of the object’s final users, from number of beds to size and number of technical rooms, determine the desired design type and finally develop a precise technical specification as well as the Desino service proposal, taking into account the future project’s volume and degree of complexity.

Design of quality does not always mean high costs. In the first place a good design-project is a detailed space planning before construction work starts. Desino portfolio contains a number of successful projects in cooperation with great architects and interior virtuosos, but each one of them represents a client’s unique vision. The stage sees through the following processes:
- analyzing client’s responses to questionnaire;
- establishing the project concept;
- determining the project technical equipment;
- evaluating the project budget.

Desino controls project design documents and coordinates activities of all the parties involved. Our experience allows us to optimize planning solutions, materials specifications, automation devices and interior fit out, secure general operations in line with construction norms and standards.

Desino engineers have accumulated vast experience in diverse developments and operational services after construction. It makes their recommendation on technical design and selection of technical equipment extremely valuable.

Desino pays special attention to construction quality and details together with highly detailed design documentation. Such an approach enabled us to establish partner’s relations with top-notch contractors as well as with renowned architect studios in Russia and abroad. Studying European and American experience has been of great help to us in managing construction process, which includes regular meetings, daily interaction with contractors, designers and suppliers, coordination of all operations at the construction site. We regularly conduct intermediate acceptance procedures, control quality of materials, secure balancing and commissioning operations, eliminate defects or imperfections. We develop and maintain projects’ schedules and construction budgets.

At Desino we are able to select and specify all built-in and loose furniture items as well as art objects and operational supplies as a matter of routine procedures. We cooperate with numerous manufacturers of furniture, sanitary ware and lighting. Vast positive interaction combined with our repute permit us to transfer substantial discounts to our clients.

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