Creating one’s home, as any creative process, has its pluses and minuses. Pluses are obvious. As to minuses, you lose time and get emotional, which sometimes overrides the joy of the whole affair. At all stages of construction, from design to commissioning, our client should see only positive sides of the story – this is our own know-how.

Our professionals forewarn our client about all possible stumbling blocks and spare him the trouble. Our clients are busy people and usually have no time for personal control of operational speed and quality, but it is not required. Desino team secures quality performance right on time, and our clients need not waste time on thinking how to achieve the desired result. We employ modern means of management – special instruments to control processes with efficiency and coordinate numerous parties involved.


To make your project successful you always need open cooperation and efficient communication with all its participants. Desino assists our clients in selecting partners and contractors to achieve set goals by mutual efforts. Our experience of building quality premises testifies to a simple fact: mutual respect, based on long-term partner relations, draws an invisible line to make a difference between a good team and a dream team, which gives a top-level performance.


Any ambitious project requires a team of zealous specialists willing to achieve the result. A team to implement the client’s ideas usually includes an architect, an interior designer, a general contractor, other organizations, consultants and suppliers. Our task is to coordinate and combine a big group of participants – who sometimes dub their functions – and numerous processes, build proper sequence of events, control schedules, budget and performance quality. Our chief priority is to meet our client’s expectations.

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